Tapo Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb Dimmable

Tapo Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb Dimmable

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Smart. Secure. Easy.N/AN/AUnlimited Lighting ControlN/ASmart Wi-Fi Light Bulb DimmableN/ATapo L510E(2-pack)N/AN/ADimmableN/A N/AAdjust with EaseN/AManage the lighting at your fingertips to create the perfect atmosphere in your home at anytime.N/AN/APreset for ConvenienceN/AFound your favorite lighting for watching movies? Save it as a setting you can simply select for future movie nights.N/AN/ASchedule Your LifeN/ACreate a regular schedule to turn on/off with the brightness you set. Sunrise and sunset modes allow the light to activate automatically according to your time zone.N/AN/AVoice ControlN/AWorks with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to free up your hands. Hi Alexa turn on the light or Hey Google dim my bedroom lights.N/AN/ARemote ControlN/Afor Convenient LivingN/AThe whole room is dark when you get off from work at night then you need to fumble around to find the light switch. With L510E and the Tapo app you just need to take your smart phone out fromt pocket and open Tapo app then everything is on.N/AN/AAway ModeN/AWorried about the house when your family is on a trip? This is where Tapo L510E Dimmable Lights functions. It turns on/off the lights randomly to simulate someone being at home.N/AN/ANo Hub RequiredN/AConnect the L510E Light to your home Wi-Fi network then you are all set. No need for extra hubs or other devices.N/A N/AEnergy SavingN/ABenefit from the advanced technology the Tapo L510E Dimmable Lights consume less energy than normal LED lights.N/A N/ATapo EcosystemN/AWith one Tapo app everything is under your control. Tapo ecosystem is able to turn your home into a truly smart one.N/AN/AEasy Setup with Streamline ConfigurationN/AYou can finish the setup by following the step-by-step guidance within minutes.